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8 Tips on Choosing Children’s Tables and Chairs – Product Guide

When it comes to study desks, tables and chairs, parents want to enrich their children’s learning experience. They recognise the importance of ergonomics. However, a lack of reliable and accessible information makes this a challenge.

  • What features do ergonomic study desks, and children’s tables and chairs have?
  • How do you select the right features and options?
  • What do you need to look out for when you compare products from different suppliers?


We have prepared the ultimate guide to children’s ergonomic desks. If you have any queries, why not give us a shout? We’re happy to help!

How to select the perfect children’s ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture and moll’s product design philosophy

We want your children to be ideally set up at their study desk to work in a concentrated fashion, without back pain, at a desk that will meet requirements from preschool to matric (and beyond!). This means providing you with insights informed by occupational therapy practitioners, and quality products with tiltable desktops, suitable height adjustment mechanisms, matching swivel chairs, and functional accessories.

Our desks provide flexibility to adapt and change their setup as time passes. We do so by providing a range of modular expansion options.

And, of course, our desks look great – whilst being able to withstand the energy of children’s romp, the mess of handicrafts, and the creative rigour of aspiring graffiti artists!

“Our objective is to help you incorporate all the contributors to ‘healthy learning’ when selecting your child’s ergonomic desk and chair.”

Your investment in quality, sustainability and health


Your purchase of a moll desk is an investment in your child. Children’s tables and chairs are the anchor of children’s bedrooms, even more so than children’s beds. You ensure that they enjoy learning at the desk, can perform academically, and remain healthy.

As the inventor of the height adjustable children’s desk, moll invests into developing best-in-class ergonomic children’s furniture, uses only certified quality materials, and is committed to full made-in-Germany development and production.

We are certified by a range of organisations, from TUV Rheinland for our GS safety seal, the Blue Angel for our environmental footprint, and ÖKO TEX 100 for our fabrics. We avoid the use of PVC, make use of rounded corners and edges, and ensure that where we use man-made materials, these are properly treated and sealed.


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