How do I set the height of the child’s desk correctly?

A children’s desk that grows with your child, thanks to height adjustment

Despite the same age, adolescents in particular can differ from each other in height up to 50 cm. Almost as a matter of course, when children grow up, we pay attention to the right size, smooth functioning and excellent quality of clothes, shoes and toys. Why not also pay attention to the best conditions and perfect ergonomics in the children’s desk and chair, and regularly check the desk height?

Your child grows, so does the children’s desk – for a healthy back

Children today sit at their desks earlier and longer than their parents. Therefore, children’s swivel chair and desk must follow the constant growth and provide easy-to-use and wear-free height adjustment. A complicated adjustment mechanism is rarely used. The desk height must therefore be easy and intuitive to adjust. In order not to be exposed to tension and discomfort due to incorrect posture at a young age, ergonomically correct sitting is already important in childhood.

What does this mean exactly and how does the moll children’s desk help with this? First of all, it is important that both feet are on the floor and the hips and knee are bent at a right angle (90 degrees) so that the thighs form a horizontal line and the lower legs a vertical line to them. The posture is upright, the shoulders hang down in a relaxed manner and the upper arms lie loosely beside the body. The elbows are bent at about a 90-degree angle so that the forearms can rest horizontally on the tabletop. The adjustment range of the table height from at least 56 cm to 82 cm must be covered by the table program. An adaptable document holder for a back-friendly working posture when using books or exercise books while writing increases the ergonomics at the workplace and prevents posture problems. If a monitor is to be placed on the desk, a multi-deck can be added.

To make it possible to change posture on the chair, moll deliberately does without armrests. This means that the position can be changed constantly and movement is also possible while learning.

Children desks from moll perfectly height adjustable

All moll children’s desks have a height adjustment so that the learning desk can be individually adapted to the respective body measurements of your child. The correct height of the children’s desk forms the basis so that your child does not get back pain, muscle tension and headaches from sitting incorrectly. The adjustment of the correct height can be easily and precisely controlled with the dimensions indicated on the moll base frames. In this way, the moll children’s desk can be adjusted easily and precisely. But what determines the perfect height of the children’s desk? The height is the decisive factor.

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