What is the perfect lamp for the children’s desk?

Ensure good visibility with a children’s desk lamp

The best light you can offer your child is daylight. That’s why your moll children’s desk is perfect when natural light can fall on the table surface from the side. This is not always possible for spatial reasons. Nor can tasks always be completed at such times when it is bright enough outside. That is why moll offers the Flexlight, which can be used to supplement natural light and ensure that the work area is always optimally illuminated. The Flexlight from moll is also precisely tailored to the moll children’s desk. However, the additional light can provide much more than just for optimal light for reading and writing.

Children desk lamp glare free and fully flexible

Optimal illumination of the moll children’s desk is achieved when there are no objects such as books between the Flexilight and the illuminated surface, as these would otherwise cast shadows. It is also important to note that for left-handers the light falls from the right, while for right-handers the source of the light must be on the left, otherwise the working hand will cast a shadow. That is why the Flexilight is also designed to be flexible so that it can be placed in many places on the moll children’s desk. In addition, the Flexlight is glare-free.

If the children’s desk is placed at an angle, the light follows

Another advantage of the flexible attachment of the moll desk lamp directly to the table surface of the moll children’s desk arises when the table is set at an angle. Then the light automatically follows the work surface without complicated rearrangement. The clamping feet allow the moll lights to be fixed easily and quickly in the required position. USB interfaces are integrated into the moll luminaire. This makes it easy to charge up to two electrical devices at the same time without occupying another socket. This creative solution not only saves sockets, but also enables uncomplicated charging via a USB charging cable.

Good to know: Right-handed people need light from the left. For left-handers, the light should be on the right so that no shadows are cast on the work surface.

Children desk lamp

The children’s desk lamp from moll offers the latest LED technology, high flexibility and dimmable comfort light. In addition, Flexlight surprises with additional functions that make the eyes of your child shine. The intelligent switch-on button can take on all the colors of the rainbow if desired and required, and thus also serves as a night light. The integrated USB port in the light arm is the practical charging station for cell phone, MP3 player and tablet. Flexilight from moll thus fully meets the growing technical demands in children’s and young people’s rooms. In addition, the children’s desk lamp is economical with energy thanks to the efficient LED head. The clamp base does not require much space and can always be attached where you and your child need good light.

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