What are the tilting options for the desktop?

Healthier learning thanks to tiltable desk table top

Why does a children’s desk need to be tiltable?

It’s not just sitting for longer and longer periods each day that puts a strain on your child’s body and can lead to muscle tension, back pain, headaches and poor performance. As a rule, it is the wrong way of sitting. Ergonomic sitting at a desk, on the other hand, means taking the strain off the body as much as possible and not forcing it to sit in a forced posture for hours on end. The secret to minimizing the negative consequences of sitting incorrectly is sitting in motion. Sitting in motion means first and foremost varying the posture while sitting. To achieve this, it is not enough to use an ergonomically shaped children’s swivel chair such as the one from moll. The children’s desk should also support dynamic sitting.

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Children’s desks from moll support correct sitting at the table, among other things, through the incline function. This easy-to-use and safe function thus also provides the best basis for ideal learning at the children’s desk. At the same time, the incline function on the moll children’s desk counteracts posture problems, headaches and back pain in your child and promotes a healthy and upright posture. The inclined position on the moll children’s desk thus prevents your child from having to bend over the table too much when reading, writing or learning.

Depending on the product, moll children’s desks offer different levels of comfort when adjusting the angle of the sloping tabletop. To ensure that nothing slips, the Winners and Champions always come with a magnetic anti-slip device that can also be used as a ruler and magnifying glass. For Joker, Bandit and Sprinter, a simple slip stop is clipped to the edge of the table.

Optimal posture with the recommended angle

The moll children’s desk takes into account that different tasks require different inclination angles. It is not enough to simply set the desk at an angle. We distinguish the following angles for optimal posture for these tasks:

  • 0-5° for painting and related activities
  • 8-12° for writing
  • 15-20° for reading

Good to know: With moll children’s desks, there are different types of inclination of the desk top. This starts with the infinitely variable adjustment by hand or by means of a cable pull and extends to the simple grid adjustment. In all cases, the inclined position can be adjusted simply and easily. With the inclined position of the moll children’s desks, you offer your child an ideal and, above all, healthy, ergonomic place to learn.

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