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moll S6 cushion

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While some are looking to make the moll S6 even more comfortable, others are looking for an option to reinterpret the home office with new colour accents.

In both cases, there’s plenty of choice, as the moll S6’s upholstery comes in eight different colours. In addition to bold colours such as pink, light blue, lemon and orange, which can be used to make a real color statement, more subdued tones such as beige, dark blue and dark brown are also available. But it only gets really interesting when you start to combine the colours. This is because the fabrics are coordinated in such a way that it is always possible to choose different colours for each cushion. This is how colour comes into play and the swivel chair becomes a unique piece.

The fabric colours are identical to the variations of the seat pad for the moll C7. In this way, a holistic workstation can be created at any time, which fully meets all requirements for design and ergonomics.

We endeavour to keep all colours in stock, however please contact us to check stock levels.

Delivery Time: 3-7 Working Days

Cover fabrics moll unique

Anthracite, beige, dark blue, dark brown, Espresso, Lavender, lemon, light blue, orange, Petrol, pink, red, White, Winered


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