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moll mobile roll container and Stool

Functional, comfortable and practical – three words that perfectly describe the mobile pedestal. A mobile pedestal that works as a single piece of furniture as well as in the overall picture is the C7, Cubic or Pro. On the one hand it can be used as living room furniture and stool, on the other hand it is the ideal complement to a desk. No matter if children’s room or home office. Whether for children or adults. The mobile pedestals fit to the children’s desk just as well as to the office desk. The drawers with dividers allow a flexible arrangement of the drawers. All drawers have an automatic self-closing mechanism. This significantly reduces the risk of crushing.  The decorative panels are available in the same variants as the color inlays of the T7 and are equally interchangeable. The seat pad, which can be used to turn the container into a stool, bridges the gap between chair and table. This is because the colors of the pad are identical to the fabric variants of the moll S6 and the moll S9 in the adult range. For the children, 15 different fabrics from pink to green are available. This creates a clear and light overall picture in the children’s room where all colored elements can be exchanged and adapted at any time.

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